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Asian Girls look great with short hair

Page 1: Girls at the barbers.

Page 1: Girls at the barbers.
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Ready for her haircut
Long hair will be cut off shortly.

In progress
Peerai's long hair got clippered

Japanese girl at the Barber's
Take it all off, Barber!

A page full with goreous Asian girls at the barbers. Some will go bald, while the most of them gets a shortcut.

A new look
Rabbit looks prettier with her new short cut.

This girl wants short hair
Saichol wants her hair cut very short and spiky

Here I have wrote under each photo what the meaning is or what their thoughts were, while the girls are sitting in the barber chair awaiting for their trim.

ready to have it shaved
Kate asked her barberette to shave her head

This is a site full with pictures of Asian girls that cut their long hair short or even go bald